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Welcome to Walker's Pet Lodge

A Safe Place for Furry Friends


About Us

Walker's Pet Lodge was created for one single reason- to provide all pets and pet parents the services, care and support they need and deserve. When you and your furry friend come to Walker's Pet Lodge, you become part of our family! We are located in Shepherdsville and offer boarding for dogs and cats along with doggy daycare. Whether you need boarding while you're on vacation, or just a play day while you're at work, we are here to accommodate those needs! 

What to Expect

Your dog will be kept in a spacious kennel inside a climate controlled building. We live on the property and will be here to provide around the clock care. We have a large fenced in area that will allow the dogs to be able to enjoy playing outside. Whether they like to play with others or keep to themselves, every dog will get to enjoy the same amount of time outside. 


The small dogs will be kept in a different area than the large dogs, unless they are siblings and are sharing a kennel.

Both buildings are equipped with cameras so that we can keep a constant watch on all of our guests. 

We require proof of the following vaccines:

Dogs-Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella

Cats-Rabies, FVRCP, and FELV

What to Bring

Please bring your dogs food and any medications or supplements that they may need during their stay. If they have a special blanket or toy, feel free to bring that too. Whatever will help them feel more comfortable. 

If you haven't emailed the contract and vet records to us, you will need to bring those with you. 

Boarding Rates

1 dog-$28.01 per day, (tax is included)

2 dogs that can share the same kennel-$51.02 per day, (tax included)

3 dogs that can share the same kennel-$69.03 per day, (tax included)

4 dogs that can share the same kennel-$90.02 per day, (tax included)


Cat-$15.90 per day, (tax included)

Drop-off day counts as day one. On pick-up day, if you come during the morning hours, you will not be charged for that day. If you pick-up during the afternoon hours, you will be charged for that day. 

Daycare Rates

$17.49 per day, (tax included)

or purchase a package at a discount:

10 visits for $161.90

We operate on a conditional use permit through the county and our hours are restricted. Please be considerate of these hours. This permit is what allows us to stay open, therefore we have to be strict on not accepting drop-offs or picking-up outside of the set times. 
  • Monday - Saturday: 7:00 - 10:00 AM & 3:00 - 5:00 PM

  • There will be no dropping off or picking up on Sunday and Holidays


441 Highwater Rd, Shepherdsville, KY 40165, USA


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